"STAR PC REPAIR is an independent provider of on-demand tech support and not affiliated with any third party brand. Call now to get instant access to tech experts for multiple brands of PCs, software and connected devices, all in one place"

Posted By: Andrew Borgan
Amazing Service... I am really impressed..! My computer is working like a dream now..! Thanks for everything..!!!

Posted By: Conan Martin
PC is flying!!! thanks to the Indian lads I spoke with, great service, I did mention cricket to one of them and congratulated India on winning the world cup! We have a new team in dundalk Many thanks again, great service, pc running sooooo fast!!

Posted By: Pierre Beaudoin
By the way thank you so much your dilligence and arduous team efforts. It's good to know that our computer is finally functional and properly secured through your valuable solutions and services! Regards to all involved...!

Posted By: John Roche
Thank You very much.... for the work you have done on my computers... Mark and John are amazing people.!!!

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Company profile

We are an online computer maintenance company engaged in providing quality software services and solutions to computers of peoples residing at distant places through remote technology. Our valued and satisfied customers are spread across globally and they are increasing with each passing day.

We have our own utilities to resolve the problem of our customers computers and we also make it sure that we resolve each and every problem of our customers computer and thus ensuring our commitment to the quality of service we provide.
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Our Mission

You probably have a health Insurance for yourself, but who is looking after the health of your computer? STAR PC REPAIR is the answer. Our team has a wide range of certifications that includes, but is not limited to: A+, MCP, CCNA, MCSE, CCNP and Net+.

Our friendly and affordable services are available to everyone by subscription. As complex and capricious as our computers have become, having the expert help you need, no matter where you are, or what time of day it is, would be an experience that you can not afford to miss in a lifetime.

STAR PC REPAIR has reached out to millions of customers since its founding a decade ago. With a fleet of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) figuring amongst our technicians, we lend remotely managed computer repair services a new complexion. Certified credentials and wide experience earned by our team confirm that they have the skills necessary for the successful administration and resolution of the diverse problems encountered by PC users all over the world.

We are confident that you will find our Remote Managed Services to be the ultimate IT solution for you. Our customers always prefer to stay with us because of the quality we offer, and that too at unbeaten prices. You can sit back and enjoy the security of having your PCs' performance and uptime fully ensured remotely by our certified technicians, and all this at extraordinarily affordable prices.