What is remote computer support?

Remote computer support, also known as 'online support', allows us to remotely view your computer screen and securely fix most computer and network problems right through the Internet via remote control. In fact, it's like watching your computer fix itself! This type of computer support works through 'desktop sharing' technology. What this means is that when you 'log in to our secure online support center', you can allow a technical support representative to 'view' and 'interact' with your computer remotely via the Web fixing problems fast.

How long does an average support session last?

The average remote support session lasts anywhere from 15 to 65 minutes, depending on the type of problems you're experiencing and the service you registered for, a session may be shorter or much longer. In some cases where the computer problems are severe, we may recommend a follow up remote session or scheduling an in-home or in-office visit by a certified technician.

How much does it cost?

Much less than traditional computer support options! By viewing and interacting with your computer directly through the Internet, we can complete the work in much less time, saving you money. There's no need to schedule an in home visit (costing upwards of £50/hr.) or taking your computer to a local repair shop (also very expensive). At STAR PC REPAIR, we charge per session of remote support, i.e. single session, 3 sessions, 6 sessions and 12 sessions subscription plan of remote support. We encourage you to purchase more to take advantage of our discounted rates when you schedule support, or consider an annual subscription plan. You can also avail the discount rates by purchasing the incident services and get the service on off peak hours or on STAR PC REPAIR's convenience.

Can you get back into my computer after my session is over?

No, not until you log in again and request service. When you log in to STAR PC REPAIR's secure online support center you are prompted to download a temporary desktop sharing application and supporting tools that allow us to view and interact with your computer. Once your service is complete and you log off, the temporary application and accompanying tools are automatically deleted from your PC. We can no longer see or access your computer.

Is it secure?

Yes. When you log in to our Secure Online Support Center your are initiating a 128 bit encrypted connection between your computer and the technician's computer. In this way, you have set up a unique one to one session that no one else can view or access during the session. That ensures your security and privacy. In addition, you are in control the whole time. Only you can initiate a remote support session and you can end a session by simply closing the support window on your desktop. Further still, you are always in control of your mouse (cursor). During your session you will see the technician using your cursor to locate and fix problems. At any time you can over ride mouse control by simply moving your mouse.

How can STAR PC REPAIR help me?

Through our 'hands free', remote computer support service, we can:

  • Increase PC Peformance
  • Analyze & perform standard PC maintenance
  • Remove Spyware/adware, being nd to pop ups
  • Search and remove viruses, worms and malicious contents which ma have infected your PC.
  • Installation of Anti-Virus Programs
  • Set up Email Programs such as Windows Live, Outlook, etc.
  • Troubleshoot e-mail issues
  • Set up Parental Control
  • Data Back Up
  • Transfer files to and from music players, digital cameras and external storage devices
  • Fix error messages such as blue screens

Why is remote computer support better than more traditional support options?

Traditional computer support option is time consuming as customers either have to get hold of a local technician(time consuming) or take their PC to the nearest shop(also time consuming) to diagnose the error and then rectify the problem. Moreover, the entire procedure is also very costly (£20 - £50 approx). Remote computer support allows us to interact directly with your computer so you don't have to perform often complicated telephone instructions on how to fix your computer yourself. In this way our technicians can identify and resolve problems faster, which costs you less. STAR PC REPAIR also provides customers the facility of providing multiple services under roof so that customers don’t have to call multi vendors to fix their PC. So, remote computer support is less expensive, easier to use and much more convenient than traditional support options.

Is it user friendly to use?

It is very user friendly! By allowing our STAR PC REPAIR’s remote technician to access your computer using internet they are able to fix your computer directly. All you have to do is simply sit back and watch. Or, you can work on something else while the technician is fixing your computer. Remote computer support is simple, convenient and, best of all, it's 'hands free'. Simply log in to & let go of the mouse and let us fix your PC!

Do you charge to diagnose my computer?

Yes. However, the better you can describe your problems the less time it will take to diagnose your computer and begin fixing problems. At STAR PC REPAIR , we will do everything to identify and resolve your computer problems, which are in our support boundaries or at the very least, provide suggestions and next steps on resolving any issues.

What guarantee do you provide for your service?

At STAR PC REPAIR , our customer's satisfaction is very important to us. We ensure that we provide quality service to our customers so that they can experience “wow” service from us. Our key components of quality service are:

  • A carefully screened and certified team of remote service engineers.
  • A set of services crafted to meet all the needs for your home computer environment.
  • An effort to meet customer’s satisfaction & rectify the error in the PC.

What qualification does STAR PC REPAIR ’s technicians have to troubleshoot problem on computers?

Our technicians are experts in Microsoft Application Trainers, Microsoft Product Specialists, Certified Professionals, Network Administrators and HTML Developers. Every technician has more than 3 years experience in help desk environment. They have also undergone an extensive training course of six months to cater to customer needs and deliver excellent service.

Do you provide ground support also?

At the moment, we are providing support to computers through Remote Assistance (online support). We are not providing any ground support at this time but we are also considering this in the years to come.

Do you support Apple Macintosh?

At the moment our support for Apple Macintosh is not available. However, we are doing our research in this field & we might add this as our service in the future.

Do you provide support to old computers?

We troubleshoot older operating system up to Windows 98. If your PC is more than 5 years old, we would recommend you to upgrade the PC or get a new one as technology have now advanced & your old PC may not be compatible with the new software.

Can you provide remote support through a dial up connection? Yes. However, in some cases, customers who have a dial up, mobile wireless or satellite Internet connection may experience longer online support sessions due to limited connection speeds. In addition, older PCs (over 4 yrs) running Windows 98 or Windows ME are less stable and can be more difficult to support through a slower connection. We recommend you talk with a customer support representative when scheduling an appointment. You may also consider an on site appointment when requesting service.

Are my login credentials really secret or can you see them?

All your information provided at any point of time is always encrypted and is saved in the login server. All we can see are a series of dots & only after your permission, we can remotely access your desktop. Once the session is complete and we are disconnected, we cannot access any of your data.

Are the files you have transferred to my computer free of malware (spyware and viruses)? Certainly. All troubleshooting tools used by our technicians are continuously checked for the presence of malware. These files are transferred to your machine for troubleshooting purposes. All of these tools will be deleted after your service has been completed, unless otherwise stated.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. We use a secure payment processor and we send your information directly to them using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption. We do not store your credit card information.

How can you help me over the phone?

We will provide support to your PC over the internet. We will remotely login to your PC & then we will diagnose the problem for you & also fix the problem which you are facing. It is like you are sitting back & watching your PC gets fixed in your front of your eyes without even moving your mouse.

How do you ensure a superior customer service experience?

STAR PC REPAIR combines superior talent and training with its technology to deliver a cost effective computer support services to individuals and PC users. Our technicians undergo an intensive two months training process that includes Voice & Accent training and technical skills for Desktop Support Technicians. Most importantly, STAR PC REPAIR focuses on each technician’s ability to listen to customers as they define their problems & then communicate an effective resolution. STAR PC REPAIR ’s technicians use a knowledge database and a personalization engine to provide customized support services. The knowledge database grows with every interaction by capturing the customer’s problem, the solution and the specifications of the computer hardware, software and any relevant peripherals involved. The database also contains customer demographic information as well as call history so that the technician can provide assistance that is specific to the individual caller’s needs and equipment.


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